Winter Beauty Tips for Healthy Skin

In winter, the weather is cold and dry, which means your skin might be feeling the effects. But don’t worry! With these winter beauty tips for healthy skin, you’ll be able to keep your skin looking and feeling great all winter long.

Stay hydrated

Your skin is an organ and it’s the largest organ in your body. Like all organs, your skin is composed of cells, and cells are made mostly of water. Staying hydrated helps keep these cells plump and firm by giving them the moisture they need to keep doing their job. In the summer it’s often easier to remember to drink water, but in the winter months, you need to make it a daily habit. Common household heaters create dry, desert-like living quarters which will make your body feel even more dehydrated.

Healthy Skin


Keeping the skin hydrated in winter is really important. As the skin gets dryer, it creates a natural barrier that prevents moisture from entering. However, this also means that moisturizers won’t have an opportunity to penetrate either. After you exfoliate your outer layer of dead skin, you should moisturize. You can use natural materials like coconut oil or thick balms. For your feet, you may need to apply a hard pumice stone to slough away the calloused skin You can make a sugar & honey scrub for your body, and a gentle exfoliator or pad for your face.(Healthy Skin)

Exfoliating the skin is great for getting rid of dead cells. Just be careful during colder months, as your skin’s barrier may already be compromised due to dry, cold weather. Exfoliating once a week should be enough – this will help to boost skin regeneration. Depending on your skin type, you might need to exfoliate once or twice a week to help remove any dead skin cells(Healthy Skin). If you have oily or combination-oily skin, one session per week should suffice. But if you have very dry skin, exfoliation can be used more liberally by using an exfoliating cleanser with a good amount of scrubbing particles.

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Moisturizing your skin is a must in the wintertime. The dryness and cold weather can cause your skin to become itchy, dry, and flaky. This can lead to more serious problems like eczema, dermatitis, and even wrinkles.

The best way to moisturize your skin is to use a moisturizer that suits the needs of your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin then you should use a lightweight lotion or gel. If you have dry or sensitive skin then you should use a cream-based moisturizer that contains ingredients like shea butter or ceramides.

Take a milk bath

Milk is a type of dairy product that contains lactic acid. Lactic acid, which is found in milk, is just acidic enough to slough away dead skin cells all over your whole body. While you may not want to fill your entire tub with milk, you can still get the same benefits by simply soaking your feet in a bowl of milk.

Keep your showers short

Healthy Skin

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It is important to keep your showers short in the winter. This is because when you take a long shower, it can dry out your skin. When you take a shower, make sure that you are using moisturizing soap and shampoo. This will help to keep your hair and skin healthy during the cold months.

The colder the weather gets, the more tempting it is to take a long, hot shower in the morning. Long sessions can diminish your skin’s moisture so keep showers short and don’t take more than once a day. After you’ve finished showering, it’s important to keep hydrated by drinking fluids like water or taking them orally with food. You should finish your shower by moisturizing. Natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil will absorb quickly into the skin and so there won’t be as much oily residue on your skin.(Healthy Skin)

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Follow A Daily Skin Care Routine

It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Here’s a simple skincare routine anyone with skin can do to keep it healthy during the winter. Cleanse your skin once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed After washing your face in the morning, apply a light daily moisturizer to lock in that moisture. And at night, use a heavy moisturizer or overnight cream.

This should be done on damp skin as it will absorb the lotion better. Avoid using soap. Our skin is constantly being exposed to various chemicals and soap can strip the natural oils from your skin, making it drier and more susceptible to bacteria. Don’t use your hands when doing household chores, especially cleaning. Many diseases that are transmitted through human contact can be avoided by simply washing your hands with soap and water before even.

Don’t Ditch The Sunglass

Don’t ditch your sunglasses for winter. Winter is when your skin needs the most protection from the sun, and a good pair of sunglasses can help you avoid premature aging and wrinkles.(Healthy Skin)

The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy skin. However, it also causes damage to the skin over time in the form of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dark spots. So while you should still be careful about how much time you spend in the sun during winter, don’t forget to wear sunscreen or sunglasses if you spend any time outside at all!

Living in areas where there is a lot of snow, can be harsh on your skin. Snow and sun exposure can lead to eye irritation, brown spots/fine lines as well as other issues. So, when you step out into the sun, make sure to wear a UV-protected pair of sunglasses. The ones with wide arms would be preferable.

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