We Tested the Best Foot Spas—Here Are Our Top Picks

A foot spa offers the chance to mollycoddle yourself with soothing expertise in your own residence anytime you prefer. we have a tendency to purchase twelve-foot spas and place them through a series of tests within the work in trade town, Brooklyn, rating every on style, effectiveness, simple cleanup, and overall price. Our favorite, the Ovation Foot Spa physiotherapist, options AN easy-to-use interface, temperature management, And deep massage settings for at-home luxury expertise.

Here are the most effective foot spas to mollycoddle your feet

Best Overall: Ivation Foot Spa physiotherapist
Foot Spas

If you’re willing to pay a small amount additional for an expensive foot spa, this one from Ivation has all of the options bound to impress. you’ll be able to manage the precise temperature of your water with the easy-to-understand LED show, activate the bubbles for one more luxurious feel, or set a timer for your foot spa beforehand.

Our tester wanted that the rollers on the lowest of the spa had grooves and motorized rollers for a deep massage that was amplified by bubbles. you’ll be able to set the temperature up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and a simple interface helps you to modify the temperature throughout use.

Since the manual mentioned that toilet articles were fine to use, we have a tendency to toss 0.5 a cup of Epsom salt in—and our tester left feeling like she had softer feet.

Just detain mind: The spa itself could be a bit large and arduous to store, cost accounting for the unit one purpose in style. however, overall, the galore options and enclosed accessories build this choice well worth the worth.

Best All-in-One: Costway Foot Spa bathtub physiotherapist

The Costway Foot Spa bathtub physiotherapist has 3 settings that manage the vibration, jets, and red light-weight that heat the water. Our tester wanted the jets specifically, noting that it felt like they were obtaining a pedicure right from home.

While the vibration will add a brand new part to the soaking expertise. Our tester most well-liked the manual rolling massagers on the lowest of the spa. These build it straightforward to focus on totally different components of your foot that require the foremost care.

whereas the red light-weight works to stay the water heat. Our tester recommends that you just begin with plight for an even temperature throughout your pampering session. She needed that there have been additional heat settings to stay the water temperature excellent. Still, the various settings enclosed cleaning accessories, and cheap worth-purpose build this another prime selection.

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Best Budget: HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa

The HoMedics BubbleMate Foot spa is AN unbelievably reasonable product that’s excellent for soaking and massaging tired feet. It’s a heat setting, however, it’s best to start out out with plight within the tub. However, it’ll maintain the temperature of your water, holding you soak for an extended amount while not obtaining chilly.

Once you infix the spa, the toe-touch management activates the vibration. Also, within the center of the foot bathtub could be a stone attachment for targeting calluses. Our tester wanted the restful massage of the raised nodes and the vibration created. However, needed that it failed to build quite the maximum amount of noise, which may remove the spa-like expertise.

Best options: best option product Motorized Foot Spa bathtub physiotherapist

This deep foot spa is ideal for soaking and massaging while warming up tired feet. The LED shows the most effective selection of products for acupressure Foot bathtub Massage. The spa permits you to manage the temperature of the water additionally. Because of the settings of your massages and therefore the length of your soak. For added luxury, activate the flowing falls that cover your feet to your ankles.

Our tester wanted the massage and falls options that created this to stand out from the remainder. However, the deep bucket will build this selection to a small amount tough to recline and relax in. But, the wheels build this straightforward to maneuver and store. And therefore the giant tub is right for those wanting to soak additional of their feet quickly.

Best No-Frills: Conair Foot Spa

The Conair Foot Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage might solely have basic options. However, it’s everything you wish to unwind and relax tired feet. Flip the foot spa on and off together with your toes thus you do not even ought to elevate a finger. The vibration offers a delicate massage. And a heat setting keeps your water heater, however, it’s best to start out with plight.

While our tester needed there have been additional options encompassing the warmth or extra jets. They dubbed it an excellent basic possibility that will not break the bank. And you’ll be able to use the scrubber in the middle of the spa to get rid of calluses or dead skin.

Best for youths: Cra-Z-Art Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 6-in-1 Real Massaging Foot Spa

Foot Spas
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Kids will have the complete expertise of attending a nail salon and obtaining an expensive massage right reception with this foot spa designed only for them. The Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 6-in-1 Real Massaging Foot Spa from Cra-Z-Art comes with four bathtub fizzes. One combination of slippers, and 2 toe separators for the right pedicure. It even includes an effervescent fall and rolling foot massagers on the lowest.

The falls and therefore the totally different colored lights raise the joy of this choice, though there are not any heat settings. Our tester wanted this choice for a baby. However, noted that the special batteries needed are often a small amount frustrating.

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What to appear for during a Foot Spa

Heating part

The most restful foot soaks need, at a minimum, a bath of plight. several of the foot spas on the market keep your water hot through a heating unit, whereas additional basic models don’t. Some merely keep the water heat whereas others are additional high technical schools and permit you to decide on the precise temperature you need on AN LED show. despite if the foot spa is heated or not, we have a tendency to invariably advise to start with plight for the most effective expertise.


Some foot spas have superb options, however, they have the inclination to require plenty of areas. If you recognize your cupboard space is restricted, assure all measurements, and select a foot spa that will work beneath a bed or on a closet shelf. a number of the additional basic models are even collapsible, creating them excellent for tiny areas.

Noise Level

Jets and bubbles are often loud and will disrupt your expertise if you propose to use your foot spa whereas restful before the TV. If noise is a difficulty for you, hunt for AN possibility with massagers rather than jets. Foot spas are meant to be restful, thus a bang will surely distract from the expertise. However, the addition of jets and bubbles is sure to add a small amount of noise. For those, we have a tendency to advocate swinging on some calming music to drown it out.

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To select the most effective foot spas, Fields conjointly consulted with medical examiners within the field. Dr. Jackie Sutera, DPM, could be a board-certified foot doctor and member of the Vionic Innovation work. Dr. Damian Roussel, DPM, and FACFAS could be board-certified foot doctors at The Centers for Advanced medical science.

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