Top 5 Ways To Treat Back Acne

Back acne, also known as “bacne”, can be annoying and, at times, painful. If you are experiencing back break-outs, you are not alone. Back acne is a common problem among teenagers and adults alike. Luckily, there are ways to treat this pesky problem.

What is Back Acne? Back acne is when pimples and other sebum-filled spots appear on the back. These breakouts can be caused by factors such as sweat, oil, dirt, and friction. When you have back acne, these dark spots get bigger and less visible with time. People often worry that they might have skin cancer if they have a mole that changes color or size.

Back Acne

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First, you should avoid using products with harsh chemicals that can irritate the area. You should also avoid over-washing your back. It is important to remember that soap and water are not the only things that can break out your skin.

1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating is one of the best ways to prevent back acne. Dr. Jennifer Vickers, a board-certified dermatologist at Sanova Dermatology – Bee Cave & Lakeway, explains why during a recent interview. The skin on the back has many sweat glands, which produce a lot of oil. It is not unusual for your skin to develop acne in this area, although this might be more due to family history than anything else.

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“When you exfoliate regularly, you lessen the number of dead skin cells that can accumulate on the surface of the skin, thereby reducing the amount of oil trapped under the skin and clogging the pores,” Dr. Vickers explains. It is important to note that too much or too vigorous exfoliation can actually irritate the skin and worsen your acne.

A light exfoliating wash used several times weekly is sufficient. for most people. There are no studies to support the claim that “stress clogs pores causing acne.” Acne is caused by genetics, inflammation, and oil production. It is not caused by stress in the sense of “psychological stress” as claimed on this website.

2. Over-the-counter washes and gels

You can use Benzoyl peroxide to wash your face on a regular basis which can help you manage acne problems. It also has the benefit of killing bacteria that contributes to acne flare-ups, paving the way for clearer skin. When working on back skin and your primary concern is how problematic purging will be, benzoyl peroxide should be left to sit on the skin for a few minutes before thoroughly washing with water.

Using a retinoid gel such as Differin is an effective acne treatment, which helps prevent future breakouts. Products that are oil-free are important to avoid clogging pores further or making acne worse than it is. Look for packaging that tells you what’s in the product, how it’s made, and anything other information including the name and benefits. or oil-free.

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3. Improve your hygiene

People who work out are more likely to suffer from back acne, which is why it’s crucial to always use good hygiene practices. Dr. Vickers suggests showering soon after workouts and then changing your clothes. People who struggle to achieve this should wipe their skin with a gentle cleanser, such as baby wipes Wearing loose-fitting and moisture-wicking fabrics is helpful because they can absorb excess sweat while you work out.

Make sure to regularly and thoroughly wash your towels, pillowcases, sheets weekly to biweekly, and avoid habits that create bedbugs or other pests. “Most importantly, it’s important to avoid picking! This will help you avoid further worsening and/or causing more scars!” says Dr. Vickers. “Frequently picking leads to inflammation and scarring!”

4. Chemical peels and “Facials”

Back Acne

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Having a light chemical peel with alpha and beta-hydroxy acids (such as glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid), can help slough dead skin cells and unclog pores. We recommend using a moisturizer to complete the pampering process. You might want to stock up on some sunscreen since your skin will be more sensitive after using a peel.

The natural cleanser is a gentle chemical peel that works to remove debris from the pores, dissolve and remove excess oil, unclog pores and help diminish the appearance of acne scars. It can also work as an exfoliate for dull-looking skin.

Some people are concerned that a back facial can impact their skin’s natural balance. There is some debate about what it is called, so make sure you consult your doctor before scheduling it. Extractions should be done with careful caution by a licensed professional to avoid issues like infection or burns.

5. Develop good health habits

While changing your diet may not completely clear your acne, avoiding pro-inflammatory foods and consuming anti-inflammatories (such as fish vegetables) may help you achieve clearer skin. There are some supplements that have been linked to worsening acne. The best solution is to switch to plant-based protein, which can provide many benefits for your health.

Back Acne

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And it is important to note that testosterone supplements and other hormonal supplements can create, exacerbate, and perpetuate acne, particularly on the back. Continuing with these supplements may make it quite difficult to clear your back acne and may lead to deep acne cysts that create permanent scarring on your skin.

Use a moisturizer when you are struggling with acne on your back, it is very difficult to find products that will help cleanse, tone, and moisturize the area. There are only a few things that work well for back acne — the most important of which is probably sulfur. You should avoid as many products as possible that contain alcohol, sulfates, or drying agents. Examples of these ingredients in skincare products include glycolic acid, lactic acid, and benzoyl peroxide.

It’s best to use a moisturizer or lotion applicator on the back. This will help to prevent dry spots promote quicker healing in case of any skin irritation. You can also schedule treatments such as facials and chemical peels with a dermatologist or aesthetician if you want a treatment that is tailored specifically for your needs.