How you can achieve the best professional pedicure in the house?

Painted nails and well-groomed feet are crucial, especially in the summertime. Besides, our feet can finally take a breath of air once more on warm summer season days in shoes, flip-flops, and also high heels. We have useful appeal tips for you that will make painting toenails a breeze.

Summer season is simply around the bend as well as brings us back to those bright days when we throw on our preferred summertime outfit and also lastly get up our sandal collection from hibernation. What shouldn’t be missing currently? clean feet as well as a professional pedicure. Finally, the open summertime footwear enters their very own, even much better with color-coordinated nail polish. You do not require to visit the closest appeal workshop for that. After detailed prep work, you can repaint your toenails at home in a loosened-up manner. You can figure out where the most effective as well as the simplest way to do this without making a big error.

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Painting nails: This is just how you prepare your feet for the pedicure.

Proper prep work for your nails is necessary for a beautiful result when painting nails. This includes cutting and submitting the nails.

Pedicure: Beneficial foot bathroom.


Before you start filing your nails, you can treat your feet to some wellness in the form of a relaxing foot bath with numerous care oils. Simply soak them in the warm bath for a quarter of an hr. After that, your feet and also nails will be much softer. Annoying calluses can be removed more conveniently and also your nails do not splinter when declaring. You will likewise be able to easily push back your cuticles with a rosewood stick after the foot bathroom.

Pedicure: Cut and submit nails.

When your feet and also nails are nice and supple, you can begin submitting your nails. You must just reduce your nails if they are torn. You can use a nail file to reduce it. It’s ideal if your toenails do not prolong beyond the pointers of your toes. When submitting nails, you need to take note of one thing most importantly: Constantly file in the same direction. Otherwise, the nails will certainly become breakable and tear more easily..

Pedicure: Stop tiny blunders.

To avoid mistakes when painting, see to it that your nails are completely devoid of oil. This is the only way the nail polish will certainly remain on your nails. To degrease them, it is best to wipe them off once again with a cotton pad and also some acetone-free nail gloss eliminator.

Do you frequently paint over your fingernails when painting them? After that, it will certainly be no different with the toenails. After all, not just are our brief nails a lot smaller, but we additionally have to bend ourselves a little bit to apply our preferred nail polish. Yet with a really basic trick, you can quickly protect against the irritating paint over. Smearing the sides of your toe with some oil jelly will avoid excess nail polish from getting stuck there. Big or small mistakes are a distant memory.

Otherwise, you can, obviously, likewise put a couple of cotton swabs and also a nail polish eliminator apart to quickly get rid of tiny mistakes when painting toenails.

Painting toenails: 3 actions to the perfect pedicure.

When painting toenails, you ought to use at the very least 3 layers of nail polish, comparable to when manicuring your fingernails. First comes the skim coat, then the tinted layer, and also lastly the top layer that seals whatever. Incidentally: It doesn’t assist to tremble the nail gloss before opening it! For the ideal consistency, roll the nail gloss in between your cozy hands instead – this will liquify the polish once again and also protect against blistering.

Pedicure: skim coat.

So that absolutely nothing stands in the way of stunning nails, you should apply a protective skim coat prior to the tinted glass. This creates the perfect base for your favorite nail gloss and also guarantees that it lasts much longer. On top of that, the clear skim coat avoids unattractive staining of the nail, which can be caused by colored glass.

Pedicure: colored nail gloss.


As quickly as the base coat is completely dry, the color enters play in the next step. Whether a simple naked tone for bare nails, timeless French nails, or an intense shade to match your summer outfit, there are plenty of options open to you when it concerns toenail gloss patterns.

Once you have selected nail polish, attract a light brush stroke in the middle of the toe from the nail bed to the nail idea. Then you repeat the procedure on the left and right sides until only a little, slim strip can be seen on the side nail beds.

If the initial layer of tinted nail gloss is not nontransparent enough, simply apply a second layer of polish after the very first has actually dried out totally.

You can locate ideas and also tricks on just how to make nail polish completely dry much faster right here:.

You can additionally use a practical foam toe spreader to make sure that your toes do not touch each other when painting as well as to prevent mistakes.

Pedicure: leading coat.

At the end of the pedicure, you can apply a slim layer of a top layer to the painted toenails to make sure that the nail gloss lasts much longer. The clear top layer gives the nails a little bit much more shine and ensures that the nail polish does not peel off also swiftly.

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Attractive feet Pedicure: You should pay attention to this after painting your nails.

Once all three layers of nail polish have been used as well as dried out, you need to moisturize your feet correctly as well as use cream. Dry feet in summer season shoes don’t have to be, specifically when you have actually put a lot of effort into painting your nails.

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If the painted nails splinter gradually and the paint comes off in some places, there is no point in just repainting over the locations. Cracked nail gloss is your idea that it’s time to eliminate the polish as well as tidy your toenails.

By the way, relaxing from nail gloss every now and then is quite important to keep your nails healthy. Nonetheless, there is currently likewise a breathable nail gloss that does not dry out your toenails and also fingernails.

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