Top Tips for Growing Thicker, Longer, and Darker Eyelashes

Long, fluttering lashes are among the most dominantly attractive characteristics when it comes to beauty. While some people have them naturally, others can opt for artificial eyelashes that mimic the same look. Experts say that wearing mascara can cause lashes to clump and grow less healthy over time. They also believe that thickening can be done through increased moisturization, good circulation, and deep conditioning treatments.

Lash Boosters

Many natural ingredients can benefit our lashes. We all know how busy life can be, so it’s important to find ways to help maintain lash growth and length. These organic eyelash boosters help put some life back in your lashes and look great too!


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Oils such as vitamin E, castor oil, olive oil, and even petroleum jelly can improve eyelashes. Start with a disposable mascara wand and coat them from base to tips. Gently massage your eye with a drop or two of oil if you want to prevent dryness, irritation, and wrinkles.

Green Tea Bath

This recipe for green tea is one way to achieve longer, darker lashes. Make sure you don’t drink the tea when it’s hot and dip your cotton ball into the cold liquid before applying it to your eyelashes. Green tea has many antioxidants, which can help to maintain healthy lashes & stimulate new growth. There’s also a lot of caffeine and flavonoids in it, so you’re never at a loss for energy or creativity!


Aloe Vera is a wonderful tonic that refreshes the eyes, helps maintain lush eyelashes, and provides a wide range of health benefits. It’s good for rough skin, red patches, and other skin conditions as well.

Lash Serums

There are many lash serums on the market with formulas designed to help boost & maintain your lash growth cycle. Make sure that you look for one with squalene, which is a common ingredient in many of them.

Going the Extra Mile for Great Lashes

Those of you who know how to use these natural ingredients and serums can get the most amazing lashes possible! However, to achieve your dreamy lashes, you need to put in some extra effort and make sure that your eyelash routine is comprehensive.



Massaging the eyelids nightly helps encourage healthy growth by stimulating the hair follicles. Avoid pressing too hard. A gentle touch is all that is required for approximately 60 seconds. It is easy to do this while applying a natural oil or aloe.

Clean Eyelashes

You should remove your makeup before you go to bed, clean your eyes and even brush your eyelashes. It is surprising how many fine dirt particles are floating in the air around us, which can cause serious problems for our eyes if they’re not removed.

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Your eyes will tell you whether or not you’re taking care of yourself. If you’re not, your eyelashes won’t grow properly. Whole grains, nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, and vitamin supplements can all have many benefits, like improved digestion and enhanced immunity. There are also lots of vitamin supplements on the market for hair growth, which you should make sure to use.

Hot/Cold Packs

Vitamins are important nutrients that can promote healthy hair growth. Hot & cold packs are also great ways to reduce swelling and allow you to maintain a healthy level of circulation while regenerating the hair follicles. It’s best to use them once or twice a week, as long as you’re careful about staying hydrated.

What Not to Do for Longer, Healthier Lashes


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Here are some things you don’t want to be doing if you want to achieve longer lashes. Most of us don’t even consider the things we do every day that might not be beneficial to our lash health. So, take some time to think about these activities and decide how they affect your lashes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

People often experience dry, itchy eyes during hay fever season, which can make them feel frustrated and tired. When this happens, eyes need to be rubbed frequently for relief. Your eyes are very delicate and rough treatment can have the opposite effect. It can cause your eyelashes to fall out or it may burst small blood capillaries and lead to permanent vision problems.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers and Makeup Removers

Carefully select the eye products in your bathroom. What you use can affect how quickly your eyes age and how high skin wrinkles are formed. These products should also not contain parabens or scrubbing beads to keep hair healthy and eyelashes intact.

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Don’t Keep False Lashes on for Too Long

Strip lashes have been a permanent feature in beauty trends since the 1920s and can be used as an alternative to long lashes when you just can’t grow them. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can change your look every day.

False eyelashes have become more popular than ever before, but they come with a set of risks and benefits. Their popularity is increased because they come in so many colors and can be re-worn multiple times. Some have even reported that their use has led to the loss of healthy eyelashes over time.

To avoid damaging your natural lashes, it is important to remove false eyelashes as soon as possible. You should use a gentle cleanser. Never try to detach or pull them off; you’ll just pull out your natural ones while doing so. Keep an eye out for the ingredients list and make sure you’re buying something that will suit your specific needs.

Safe Lash Extensions

If you’re looking for a way to make your eyes stand out and make them look more attractive, eyelash extensions are a great option. They can provide extra length and fullness with little effort. Lash extensions can also be used to cover up other eye imperfections like dark circles or wrinkles.

People are now flocking to get their lashes done with lash extensions. It has become a trend among celebrities and many women want their dramatic lashes just like their favorite stars. It is a quick and easy way to gain full, thick lashes in minutes!

There are many different lash extensions on the market. Some people like to use 50 lashes, others 100. You can also choose the color and material you want them in, such as silk, mink, faux mink, or other synthetic options to create your unique look.

Lash tinting is a new beauty trend that creates fuller, more dramatic lashes with a dark color. It doesn’t require mascara and you can use this look all week.

Don’t let your eyelashes go unnoticed! They have an important impact on how you look and if they are looking their best it can make a big difference. Use these tips below to take care of your lashes!

Whether you have stubby lashes or healthy, voluminous ones, there are many natural things you can do to encourage lash growth. You can use olive oil to encourage the growth of thicker eyelashes, sugar to condition the skin under your eyes, and caffeine for a more youthful appearance.