Simple Summer Makeup Tips to Look Stylish

The scorching heat of summer can be unbearable. Mostly this affects young women that want to dress stylishly and always look their best but after a while, they get sick of it and decide not to go out because they feel like they can’t anymore. One primary concern during this hot summer is the heat. It can melt our makeup or spoil our looks. The heat may be bad for the skin and cause tanning or sunburns too.

If you want to maintain your youthful appearance, putting sunscreen on is important. However, you also need to wear makeup to protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions in addition to the heat. So here are some makeup tips for summer that will get you sorted on styling & caring for your beauty this season.


You might need some new summer ideas for your makeup routine. The first tip is to use a moisturizer on freshly washed face and sunscreen right after. Sunscreen is really important to protect the skin from UV rays. There are some products which have sun protection built-in – make sure to use those only in summer. Here are a few easy makeup tips for summer:

Skin Care and Makeup Tips During Summer:

Here are a few easy and simple summer makeup tips and skincare ideas to effectively overcome and beat the heat with style.

Cleansing in Summer:

The one thing you want to remember when it comes to cleansing your face in the summer is not to do it right after coming in from the sun. Cleansing routines should be done either in the morning or at night and part of a daily skincare regime. Use a good Aloe Vera or moisturizing face wash to cleanse your skin. The cucumber and papaya variants also do well and are available in several brands. First, cleanse your face to remove all dirt and suntan with the help of cleansing milk or rose water.

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A fresh face will always make you look healthy and good-looking, so it is also important to use a natural scrub every week to remove dirt, impurities, and dust on the outer layer of the skin. Apply the scrub in circular motions to the face. You can also prepare your scrub at home with rice powder and yogurt to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Moisturizing The Skin Well:

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes warmer temperatures, a more relaxed schedule, and lots of time spent outdoors. Along with these summer fun activities also comes potential damage to our skin.

Sunscreen Application:

Protect your skin from the sun during the hot summer months by using good sunscreen every day. It’s important not just to apply sunscreen once, but to make it a part of an everyday ritual. Saving your skin will protect you year-round! If you’re looking for summer makeup tips, the first thing would be to remember to apply sunscreen. Put on 50+ SPF on your face and neck each morning, regardless of whether or not you plan to leave the house. Reapply every four hours if you ski to make sure it’s effective.

Face Makeup:


Now, we will begin with summer makeup tips. Any makeup during summer must go through this process. Let’s start with the basics. For a fresh look, do not use lipsticks that are too dark. Light shades would be better for you. If you have to opt for a darker shade, then consider using one with shimmer in it so that light reflects off of it.

a. Primer:

One can’t emphasize the importance of a primer for the base of makeup, especially during the summer. This is required on a day-to-day basis, whether it be every day or for the summer holidays. The primer will help to set the foundation on

b. Foundation:

To start any perfect summer makeup routine, you would first want to apply a primer that follows the manufacturer’s instructions. After applying the primer, you would then need to choose which type of foundation best suits your skin tone and preference. For the summer, it’s best to look for heavy or light coverage. For an everyday makeup routine, opt for lighter coverage.

If you’re going to attend a party or wedding, apply heavier foundation. If you missed the perfect shade of foundation, you should try to find one that suits your skin tone as best as possible. Apply it on your face and neck evenly with the help of a brush or sponge. You’ll need a foundation that contains SPF for use this season so take a look at our offer!

c. Concealer:

Next time you come to us with a request for summer makeup tutorials, we’ll start with concealer. It’s good for spots and pimples as well as uneven skin tone. To properly conceal your trouble zones, try to find a match in color or a shade lighter. If you still have stubborn black spots on your cheeks, red concealer will help hide them. You can also use the red tone on your nose, chin, and forehead to draw attention to these key facial features.

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d. Compact Powder:

The next step is to use compact powder. Some people prefer to skip this step, but I think it’s better to use one as an SPF during summer. You could also take a compact powder with SPF built-in for the summer Airbrush makeup is perfect for summer and also gives you an extra layer of protection from the sun. Apply a thin layer evenly with the help of an airbrush.

Eye Makeup:


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a. Eye Shadow:

The first step to get getting for is eye shadow. In the summer we want to keep our makeup light, bright, and simple. The easiest way to do that is by choosing a nude or bright color of eye shadow depending on your skin tone and current occasion. For makeup tips for oily skin in the summer try wearing less eyeshadow but don’t forget to apply it near There are primer formulas for eyelids available in the market that can help your eye makeup stay on for longer. First, apply a light shadow over the crease and then spread it out with a brush. Then you can add more of a similar shade to create an even fuller coverage.

b. Eye Liner:

It is advisable to use waterproof eyeliner in the summer. Normal eyeliners are absorbent and may be smudged from sweat and heat. Applying it on the upper lid of the eye.

c. Kajal:

When it comes to application, all you need to do is apply Kajal evenly on the lower eyelid. This is recommended for any skin tone and this step can be skipped with summer or darker makeup

d. Mascara:

Mascara is an essential component of any eye makeup routine. This will help enhance the length & the volume of your eyelashes. For a summer look, you could use waterproof mascara which will provide all-day wear and help create the illusion of fuller lashes with a more dramatic look.

e. Eyebrows Makeup:

We can’t emphasize enough how important eyebrows are because they can provide a new look! When applied they will make eyes brighter and fuller.