How to Apply Lipstick: 15 Tips and Tricks

Lipstick-A perfect lip gloss is an essential part of your makeup routine. Great lips are essential for showing off your style and making you feel more confident about yourself. But what’s the best way to choose and apply lipstick or gloss? There are a few things you need to do when applying this product.


Choose a Focal Point

The best approach for people to use makeup is to accentuate their best features, so you should consider what you think your most appealing facial feature is. By choosing this one thing to emphasize, you’re making it the center of attention. Cover your lips with concealer or foundation then apply a sheer gloss. This will give the appearance of nude lips and works great to pair with a smoky eye look.

Plump Up Your Lips

You don’t need fillers for a bee-stung pout! For plumper lips, line your lips just outside your natural lip line with an angled brush. Then, in the middle of your bottom lip, dab some gloss and smack together your lips to create that fuller look.

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Choose the Right Shade 

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown swears that the best lip color match is a few shades darker than your natural lip color. Alternatively, you can experiment with dressing up your pout by pairing it with matching lip color to create the perfect rosy look.

The Best Way to Apply Lipstick?

There are many ways to apply lipstick, but none are wrong. Some people use brushes, while others just use their fingers. You can also apply it straight from the tube if that’s your preference. The important thing is to have fun with whichever technique you choose and make sure you reapply throughout the day too!

Use Liner as a Base


Make your last longer by filling in your lips properly with a matching lip liner. For light-colored lipstick, try using nude liner. Otherwise, match the color of the liner to the intensity of your color choice—darker and brighter hues require bolder liners. The sad reality is that most lip gloss wears off really fast. Fill in your lips with liner before applying the gloss, though – that makes it stick better.

Try a Long-Lasting Lip Stain

One of the most annoying things about lipstick and gloss is that they don’t last long. Luckily, there are lip stains that last for hours and solve this problem altogether. One of the best lip stains out there is the Chanel Rouge Double Intensite. It stays on for hours and has some shine to make it less matte.

Line Before or After?

Some women prefer to line their lips first, then apply lip gloss they argue that you won’t be able to see the natural shape of your lips if you apply lip gloss first. However, other women find their lips look more natural when they line them after applying lip gloss.

Properly Test Lipstick in a Store

Testing is quite unhygienic, but you can avoid this by swiping the stick on your fingertips. This will create a closer fit to your lips with a better color representation. We also recommend sanitizing the end of the lip gloss before you put it back for others to use.

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Don’t Throw Out a Bad Shade

Before throwing away that lip gloss you don’t like, consider trying to use it as a base for creating your perfect lip color. There are many beauty editors who swear by the technique and might be able to share some tips with you if you ask them nicely.

Is your too bright? Try applying a darker liner first and then applying any bright shade afterward. The color will be significantly less radiant.

Prevent Lipstick Marks on Glass


For a discreet way to tell which glass is yours at the bar, please ensure to lick your lips before you drink. This will leave a small amount of subtle lip gloss on the glass, making it easy to identify which one is yours.

You may find a lipstick in your coffee or your husband’s cheek from time to time. It may seem very strange, but I read ages ago that most women consume about six pounds of lipstick over the course of their lifetime.

Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

There’s a genius trick to avoid lipstick on your teeth, and you’ll want to do it every time. After applying lipstick, simply pop your index finger into your mouth and pull it out. The excess lipstick will come off on your finger rather than your teeth.

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Lipstick Can Act as a Blush

A subtle, neutral color of lipstick is perfect when you’re in a rush and need to put on makeup. It can be used as either a blush or a lipstick, but should never be used as a blush instead of lip gloss when using it to make your cheeks rosy.

To use lipstick as a blush, place a few dots on the apples of the cheeks and blend. It’s a good idea to moisturize and condition your skin before applying it so the lipstick will stick on and blend better.

Camouflage Yellowed Teeth

To combat yellow eyebrows, try a blue undertone. These shades work well: plums, pinks, wines, and violets.

Don’t Throw Out a Broken Lipstick


Pick up the broken edge of the compact with a tissue. Hold a lit match below it until it’s melted. Push it back into place on the base and place it in the fridge uncovered (or in cool water) until it hardens. No one will be able to tell that you broke your makeup anymore!

Lipstick All Gone?

When you’re running low on your favorite lipstick, it’s still possible to use it even though there might be some of the lipstick left at the bottom of the tube. All you need is a little creativity to make it work!

Scrape the last bits of lipstick out with a cotton swab or a stick, and mix it with Vaseline (or lip gloss) in a lipstick palette. Use a lip brush to apply.