Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners on Applying Foundation

Foundation Like A Pro- This article is for you if you struggle to apply your foundation to look natural. We will talk about the best way to apply your foundation without it looking fake.

Before you start your makeup application, the first and most important step is picking out the right foundation. Once this is done, make sure to find a shade that complements your skin tone. There are days when your skin isn’t like usual, and if you don’t pick the right shade, you may ruin your entire look! You need to keep the following tools in order to master the application of this product:

How To Apply Foundation Like A Pro: Tools For The Perfect Finish

To find the perfect formula for you, take into account your skin type. A liquid, powder, or cream will each affect how well it smoothes on your face and sometimes how long it lasts. Your base can only be perfect if you use the right formula and do it with the right tools.

Foundation Like A Pro.

Liquid Foundation

When it comes to foundation, tools make a huge difference. Top makeup artists say sponges are better than brushes for liquid and cream foundation. You can use either one with a sponge! Building coverage is just one function a beauty sponge can provide. It can also give you a natural finish, depending on the motions you make while applying it.

However, there are different tools you can use when applying liquid foundation. A stippling brush is great for a natural finish, the flat-top kabuki brush is perfect for blending in product and getting fuller coverage, and the rounded foundation brush can work well for those who want more sheer coverage. It all depends on your preference.

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How To Apply Liquid Foundation Using A Beauty Sponge – Step-By-Step Tutorial

All you need is your favorite liquid foundation and a sponge-like Beauty Blender. The NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – won’t leave you looking cakey, and it has wholesome ingredients!

Foundation Like A Pro.

Step 1: Prep Your Face

Start with a clean canvas. Take care to use a gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Give your moisturizer time to sink in before applying your primer.

Step 2: Apply Your Foundation

To put on your makeup, dampen the sponge with water or with some setting spray. Then, pick up some product on the back of your hand and apply it to your face using a beauty sponge. Start by applying it in the center. This can be done most effectively using a stippling or bouncing motion.

The thin end of the sponge should be used in smaller areas, such as around your nose. Using the same bouncing motions, apply it under your eyes as well.

Step 3: Set Your Foundation

Apply translucent powder to set your foundation and finish the rest of your makeup. It’s important to have a decent base! After you’re done with eye makeup, blush, highlighter, and lipstick, follow up with some lip liner and lip color. Now you’re done!

Mineral/ Loose Powder Foundation

A mineral or loose powder foundation can be a great alternative for people with sensitive skin as they tend to be oil-free and free of harsh chemicals that can aggravate acne. Your mineral foundation is best applied with a kabuki brush because it is easier to apply so you can build up coverage, and still end up with an airbrushed finish. You can also try using a foundation brush with a rounded or fluffy head. These types of brushes give you coverage that is sheer and natural-looking.

Foundation Like A Pro.

How To Apply Loose/ Mineral Powder Foundation Using a Brush – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Prep Your Face

Before applying any makeup, start with a clean, well-moisturized face. It’s critically important to have a good base if you want your makeup to stay in place all day long. Always use a primer too!

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Step 2: Pick Up The Right Amount Of Product

Tap a little bit of foundation on the lid of the product and swirl your brush around the cap. You need very little, to begin with – so tap off the excess as you can always come back for more.

Step 3: Applying Loose Powder Foundation

Apply your kabuki brush to larger areas of the face and blend in circular motions. Focus on one part at a time until the formula has blended. Make sure to brush in a sweeping motion all-around your jawline and hairline to avoid any significant demarcations being visible on the face. If certain areas require extra coverage, you can build it up by picking up some more product with your brush.

Pressed Powder Foundation

Recommended Skin Type: Combination with oily skin

With so many products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re all about simplifying your routine and need something for on-the-go touchups, a pressed powder should do the job. It doesn’t have the same coverage as liquid foundations but gives your skin a quick finish and doesn’t require too many touchups. Use a beauty sponge, rounded kabuki brush, or rounded foundation brush to apply this with ease and perfection. Depending on the technique of your application, you’ll achieve coverage ranging from medium-full.

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How To Apply Pressed Powder Foundation Using A Brush – Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you’re looking for a pressed powder foundation with a wide spectrum of shades and good coverage, the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a great choice.

Step 1: Prep It Up

You should do the skincare drill – cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face well. Apply a primer for a few minutes to settle before applying makeup.

Step 2: Apply Concealer

It’s a good idea to cover problem areas before you apply foundation. Applying it to your under-eye circles as well as any blemishes or spots can make a huge difference. You might also want to use some translucent powder to set these areas.

Foundation Like A Pro.

Step 3: Apply Pressed Powder Foundation

Now, load up your brush with the powder and tap off any excess. Start from the larger area of your face, in a patting motion. Gently tap the product onto your face and blend as you go. You can always apply a little bit more product on problem spots – but make sure to blend everything out for an even, natural finish.