Everyday things are doing that can ruin your skin.

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense from the outer world, and it deserves to be nurtured. Make sure to apply moisturizer after cleaning and make sure you’ve taken care of your skin by following what it’s shown.

You might not have known about it, but your sleeping position could be damaging your skin.

1. You are supposed to take care of your skin because it is your first line of defense. And something that comes in contact with a lot of food, pollution, and bacteria.

2. Everybody has different skin types and needs, but certain every day habits can actually cause long-term skin damage.

“Hairstyling things that contain oil can plug up pores and cause breakouts,” the NYC dermatologist told Insider. “This could show up as plugged-up pores and little pimples around the hairline.”

You should look closely through your cosmetics drawers and the face items on your washroom rack. Utilizing old cosmetics or skin health management items can cause various issues, so it’s essential to do all that can be expected to keep things tidy and fresh. This might appear as red, dry, disturbed patches or little red knocks or discharge knocks.

Your skin could be reacting to something you’re eating.

Milk contains IGF-1, a hormone that can trigger inflammation and insulin spikes. Drinking too much dairy can also lead to overproduction of the hormone and cause your skin to produce more oil.

You’re skimping on sun protection.

Your skin

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Sunscreen should become a regular part of your routine. Besides the physical benefits, it also has a ton of additional benefits like mental health.

“If you don’t practice sun-smart behaviors on a daily basis, you will soon see fine lines and wrinkles, skin sagging, discolorations, and the other signs of premature aging,” said King. “This means wearing protection like hats and clothing with SPF 30.”

Drinking from plastic straws causes fine lines around your mouth.

Your skin                           drinking out of plastic straws is bad for your skin. Drinking out of plastic straws speeds up and worsens the number of lines that develop around your mouth.

You’ve gotten into the habit of touching your skin.

Your skin

It’s surprisingly common for people to pick or brush at things when they’re nervous, but doing so can wear your face prematurely. Make sure to wash your hands before continuing so the bacteria doesn’t spread. “I know that when you suffer from acne, it’s very tempting to touch your skin,” she told Insider. “But, by doing this, you’re transferring dirt and germs onto your face.”

You aren’t checking the ingredients in your skincare.

Your skin
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Make sure you thoroughly check the list of ingredients on your skin-care products and take note of the expiration date.

A lot of people don’t know that silicones are present in many beauty products, including foundations and hair sprays. These silicones make products water-resistant, oil-free, and long-lasting. Silicones in skincare products can trap oil and block pores, which can result in dry or oily skin, acne, redness, or other factors.

You’re over-exfoliating.

Your skin

Just like certain ingredients can strip your skin of oils, excessively exfoliating will have the same effect. You might also want to keep in mind what type of exfoliant it is.

“Exfoliants such as apricot and walnut seeds are too harsh on your skin. They are not spherical in shape, so they will damage your skin, instead, you should go with products that have a natural chemical exfoliant like lactic acid or alpha hydroxy.”

You’re relying on makeup wipes to wash your face.

Your skin

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Even if your schedule doesn’t leave you with much time, it’s important to wash your face and body thoroughly. Wipes are not enough!

While disposable wipes can be handy in a pinch, they do not clean as well and require the use of water. They also leave chemicals on the skin that some may not want to encounter.

Skincare and makeup products need to be gentle on the skin. Insider spoke with an experienced dermatologist who warned that some wipes contain drying, irritating chemicals – and the preservatives in their packaging can cause allergies, too.

You’re dehydrated, and so is your skin.

Your skin                         

“Hydration is essential for optimal skin health,” the assistant professor of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, Northwell Health, explained. “It provides the basis for maintenance of sweat and oil gland function, which maintain our ability to regulate temperature, prevent acne from popping up, and regulate blood pressure.”

Showering too much strips the natural oils from your complexion.

Your skin

To determine how often you should shower, you need to consider your recent lifestyle, level of activity, and skin type. Believe it or not, there is such thing as excessively bathing.

“Excessive showering can lead to dry skin,” Glitter explained. “In the context of people who work out and use products, then go out socially and have other showers–that’s going to cause issues. If you bathe in water that is too hot, the skin can become irritated and red. Find a comfortable but not hot temperature for your daily shower.

“Exposing your skin to hot water can have detrimental effects on the acid mantle (protective covering),” Burnes explained. “Try using lukewarm water instead because it won’t dry out your skin and will help keep the pH balance in check.”

Your perfume is messing with your pH.

Your skin                                   Over-applying different kinds of fragrances, creams, and colognes can alter your skin’s pH, which can lead to compromised function, which may affect its ability to function as an effective barrier.

Don’t apply too much. A little bit of product is often all you need.

Your skin                              

The two primary causes of acne that occur in the bedroom are inconsistencies in the cleanliness of your pillow and sleeping position. Yeah, that’s not the only thing you should worry about when it comes to your pillowcase.

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