The Best Easy Steps For Eye Makeup

Eye makeup has the power to change your entire look and make you look fierce yet fashionably done. You just need to put in some practice and know about some eye makeup basics tips for perfecting this art.

Trust you don’t need to be an expert. Just start small and practice. Practice until you can blend your eye makeup like your favorite beauty blogger. A starter’s kit for eye makeup will include a palette with a few colors, an eye makeup brush, and some tips to show you how to make the most of your look.

Use an eye primer


Make sure you always use a primer before applying any other type of makeup. It creates a smoother surface for easier application and better coverage. If you have oily lids, then a primer ensures that your eyeshadow won’t fade. Apply a tiny bit of eye primer, then allow it to dry. After that, use an eye shadow base to give your shades a good base to settle on. If you don’t have an eye shadow base, you can use foundation or concealer as well.

Choose basic shades

One way to create an eye makeup look you can rock is to start by using simple shadows and matte brow powder. You can always play with more colors and glitters once you feel confident. Choose shades that you may use for an everyday look. A highlighter in a lighter shade, a mid-tone color that will make your eyes pop, A contour color darker than your skin tone, and another highlight shade in a light hue. This tutorial is curated with 4 eye makeup looks to inspire you and give you some inspiration.

Choose your blending tools

Eye makeup brushes are important for applying correct, confident eye makeup. If you are just beginning, we advise that you use an appropriate brush to get the best results. It’s easy to create your own eye shadow look! You just need a small eye shadow brush, as it is flat and makes application easier and more precise. To create a seamless smoke effect, you’ll need a small and a medium-sized blending brush. You may also want to add a smudging brush to your makeup kit, in case you want to go heavy with the smoky sensuous look.

It’s important to start with the most contrast when doing your makeup, so it’s best to work on eye shadows that are the highest contrast to your skin tone. This will usually be the lightest color eye shadow and should always be where you start, as it contrasts with our eye color the most.

Using the blending brush

Glide your blending brush over the mid-tone shade and apply it above the crease line, starting from the outside. Make sure not to overdo it and that it looks as seamless as possible. The mid-tone can be any color from a neutral shade to the one that matches your outfit. You might want to go with peach, pink, or light orange for a safe bet.


Contour your eyes

Contouring is a great way to bring definition to your eyes, making them pop up and look more glamorous. It also helps balance out other features on your face for a more done-up look. The best way to apply contour makeup is to start with the darkest shade and work your way in. It’s better to go darker than lighter, but avoid anything too heavy.

Time to color pop the bottom lash line

Now that you have your eyelids done, it’s time to move to the lower lash line. Take a tiny amount of mid-tone shade on the brush, starting from outward glide the brush inward until it meets with a lighter shade. You can also apply kohl close to the waterline of your lower lash for a touch of drama.

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Touch up!

Your eye makeup is now complete! Just finish off a few minor details and you’ll be able to copy the look. Use eyeliner for definition and shape, follow up with mascara for length and volume. You can also choose to use some fake eyelashes if you want that extra elegant touch. You’re now finished! Thanks for reading and please share the article if you liked it.


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Colored eyeliner

A more subtle beauty trend at the moment is playing around with different colors in your makeup look, even if that means adding a tiny bit of blush on your cheeks or straightforward mascara—just don’t go overboard. You can also start with a store that suits your makeup-changing needs: there are so many different products to choose from, such as neon shades or something more subtle and elegant.

White eyeliner

Some people prefer the no-fuss approach – and white eyeliner is perfect for this. Have some fun with the look by drawing in sharp lines and then mixing it up with a generous coat of mascara.  Pick a snap liner that helps achieve a precise application and you will be left with a luxurious, opaque line!

White eyeliner can be used to create a dramatic effect. This look is great for giving your eyes a different feel. For day-to-night looks, you can take the same approach but with your eye-shadow palette for an all-around glow!

A pop of blue

A variety of blue eyeshadows flying off the shelves is a big indicator of this color being a big eye makeup trend. This makeup trend is reminiscent of natural elements like the sky and the sea; as such, it can be used to add some quirkiness to a makeup look. The bright blue eye shadows are perfect for a sharp-winged cat-eye. It’s always great to have blues, greens, and purples that pop!

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