Box Bob

Box Bob: This cheeky bob haircut gives fine hair volume!

Are you longing for even more quantity for your level hair? After that, you absolutely have to try the prominent “Box Bob”! Here you can figure out who the abundant bob hairdo matches and also just how it is best styled.

Box Bob

Whether sophisticated “long bob”, wild “shaggy bob”, trendy “petit bob” or cheeky “side swept bob” – the bob is one of the most preferred hairdos. Why? It changes itself time and again, is available in countless variations, and therefore matches almost every lady – an actual timeless!

A brand-new hairstyle has actually now signed up with the rankings of one of the most preferred bob hairdos: the so-called “box bob”! The trendy hairstyle is especially excellent for users with particularly thin hair! come to be clairaudient? Then see for yourself why the “Box Bob” is the perfect hairstyle for women with great but also thick hair.

” Box Bob”: what is unique concerning the bob hairdo?

The “Box Bob” thrills with its voluminous cut, which even turns especially slim hair into an actual quantity of elegance. You ask yourself exactly how. Fairly merely: the bob is not cut to a blunt length like the candid bob, which additionally offers a little bit more fullness.

Rather, minor actions have infiltrated the rear of the head to make sure that the hair is visually raised. While the hair is reduced much shorter at the back, the front sections are left somewhat longer, producing a somewhat unbalanced cut.

Does the stylish bob match?

The “Box Bob” is appropriate for every single face form and also every hair framework. Not only females with particularly slim hair benefit from the trendy bob hairdo in the form of volume. The unique cut of the bob hairstyle frames every face flawlessly and also can likewise be integrated with stylish bangs such as the “curtain bangs” with no issues!

Also, thick hair is kept in check thanks to the slight layers at the rear of the head and gets a cool look that takes some fullness, but in no chance steals quantity.

If you have swirls, you must consider that the hair at the back of your head will appear even much shorter because of the layers infiltrating it. You will certainly likewise need a little even more time for the styling, as the timeless “box bob” is usually worn straight or a little bumpy, to ensure that the typical appearance of the “box bob”, which likewise looks like a box due to the fact that it is so small, is not lost.

You do not need to bother with the shape of your face either. Whether you have a square, round, oval, or heart-shaped face – the preferred bob matches every face shape. Relying on your choice, you can certainly likewise play with the length of the hairstyle.

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With a lengthened face, the bob can be cut a little longer. The somewhat slanted, asymmetrical bob haircut is extremely complementary to rounded faces. Angular facial features and faces with high cheekbones enter into their very own when the bob is incorporated with layered bangs such as curtain bangs.

Hairstyle fad: How to design the voluminous bob hairdo

To give the fashionable hairstyle extra volume, you can make use of unique volume hair shampoos as well as styling products such as mousses. The most effective way to dry your hair is to blow-dry it with a round brush. This offers your hair a lot of bounce! In addition, the hair is now already ideal, due to the fact that a minor all-natural frizz is styled silky smooth.

You don’t wish to wear the bob straight regularly? Gentle waves also integrate completely with the “Box Bob” and also conjure up a lot more framework and also movement in the hair. You can easily make use of a straightening-out iron to produce informal beach waves in your hair.

Is that still not enough volume for you? The wonder tool hair powder guarantees a treatment! Put some on the hairline as well as massage the powder in. Quantity sprays or texture sprays are perfect items to give every hairdo a bit a lot more quantity. You can locate extra styling tips for adding volume to great hair right here.

Are you wondering exactly how you could put up a bob hairstyle if you intend to look particularly posh for unique events such as wedding events and so on? Right here you will locate numerous lovely styling ideas with which short bob hairdos can be pinned up or styled festively.