Beauty Tips and Hacks for Summer

As the weather heats up, your beauty routine might need a few tweaks to continue working for you. Hot temperatures and higher humidity, as well as fun summer activities, can affect your skin, hair, and body. Check out these beauty tips and hacks for the summer.

As the weather heats up, you might want to consider adding a few tweaks to your beauty routine. The summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin and hair, so it’s best to take steps to prevent or soften the effects. You should also think about how you might look in a swimsuit ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Beauty Tips

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Double Cleanse

Sweat and salt can accumulate on your skin, which you absolutely must remove to avoid damage being done to your complexion. But now’s a great time to try double cleansing because many people find that it helps their skin be healthier and happier. In the evening, use a gel or foam cleanser to cleanse your face. Then use an oil-based cleanser to remove any makeup and bacteria. The second cleanser will remove any remaining oil or grime, and your face will be a fresh canvas for moisturizing.

Check Your Sunscreen’s Expiration Date

A lot of people are unaware of the expiration date of their sunscreen. In fact, many people don’t even know what it means.

An expiration date is a number that indicates how long the product can be used after it was manufactured. It’s usually indicated on the bottom of a bottle or tube, but some brands will also put it on the front of the packaging(Beauty Tips). The date is typically displayed in months and years from when it was manufactured, with a month and year being represented by numbers that range from one to twelve.

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Cool Down With a Mist

Facial mists are a great way to revitalize your skin. They often come in a variety of refreshing scents, and you can use them on your face, body, or hair(Beauty Tips). This Summer I am using my facial mists as a way to refresh and cool down during these hot days.

To control oil in the middle of the day without disturbing your makeup, try spraying your face with a facial mist (like Caudalie Grape Water or First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist), and then blot gently with oil blotting paper.

Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

Before going into the pool, try applying a leave-in conditioner or natural oil to your hair. Coconut oil works well because it’s inexpensive and moisturizing(Beauty Tips). This will prevent your hair from getting dried out. If you don’t have time to prep your hair before going in the pool, wetting your locks and tying it up before you go will help it to absorb fewer chemicals. A shampoo protects against chlorine, soap, and most importantly damage due to UV radiation.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Body

Beauty Tips

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With swimsuit weather upon us, you want all that visible skin to be smooth and flawless, right? Once a week, try using a sugar body scrub or an exfoliating cloth (try Salux cloths for a cheap but effective option) and moisturize afterward.

A cream or lotion that is quick to dry and leaves behind a protective layer on your skin can help your skincare routine(Beauty Tips). Cerave Moisturizing Cream and lotion are both affordable and have been dermatologist tested.

Switch to a Gel Moisturizer

You might not need to turn up the heat during the summer and to make sure that your skin isn’t oily or dry, try swapping moisturizer for something more lightweight like a gel moisturizer from Neutrogena. Skip the moisturizer and your skin might become too dry.

Switch to Cream Blush and Waterproof Eyeliner

Avoid powder blushes in the summer, as they lose their staying power when you’re doing messy activities like swimming or sweating. Plus, who wants to spend time applying powder with a brush when you’re already outside? In these moments, consider switching to cream blushes that have better-staying power and no brush needed.

You may want to switch to a waterproof eyeliner formula so your eye makeup doesn’t end up smearing all over your face. Make sure you have a good makeup remover to remove without scrubbing.

Fake a Tan

With the sunscreen and big hats you’ll be wearing, how will you get that ubiquitous tan? Well, chances are you’ll still tan slightly even while wearing sunscreen, but if you want to deepen the color of your skin so it matches your current level of tan or for an opposite effect, self-tanner and bronzer are some ways.

Invest in Makeup Removing Wipes

Beauty Tips

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You never know when the evening might come with late nights and fireside chats on the beach. That’s why it’s important to remember to wash your face before bed and keep makeup remover wipes by your bedside to minimize physical damage. If you find yourself forgetting, set an alarm on your phone or clock.

Lay Off the Acids and Retinoids

There are a variety of AHAs and vitamin-C products that can “optimize the skin’s sensitivity to sun exposure, as well as some ingredients that have been known to accentuate hyperpigmentation, melasma, and skin discoloration(Beauty Tips).” AHAs and retinoids are often used when you’re trying to have a clear, blemish-free complexion. However, some of the ingredients in them can make your skin photosensitive, so be sure to use sunscreen during the day.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Hair can become dry from frequent shampooing, and this can happen if the hair isn’t given enough oil. If you want to keep your hair looking healthier and shinier, using dry shampoo could be a great solution. You can also rinse your hair with warm water between shampoos to rinse away excess dirt and grease without fully stripping the hair.

Avoid Silicone Hair Products

Many hair products contain silicone, which coats the strands of hair and gives it a temporary smoothing effect. The problem is that silicone prevents hydrating products from penetrating your hair, leading to dry, frizzy-looking results. There are multiple ways to prevent this need, though. The use of AI writing assistants in the workplace is growing, as that’s for good reason. In addition, it’s easy to remove every single bit of dirt & grease thanks to an effective shampoo.