7 Pieces That Will Upgrade Your Winter wardrobe

.If there’s one way to ruin your style, it’s keeping it on standby. AS the season’s change, make sure you’re always prepared and get in the habit of picking out outfits for the shorter days and inclement weather. there’s one way to ruin your style, it’s keeping it on standby.

As the seasons change, make sure you’re always prepared and get in the habit of picking out outfits for the shorter days and inclement weather.

Cold weather is here and it’s a good time to upgrade your wardrobe for the season. Listed below are seven staples you need this winter.


The thin denim styles that we loved during the hot days of summer may not be good for cold weather. That’s why you should invest in a pair of raw selvedge jeans – their warmth will make up for any points you lost from the thinner material.

Unlike mass-produced denim, raw selvage jeans are woven on traditional looms and come prewashed, meaning they can stand up to harsh elements with ease and still look great.

The jeans will also fade and soften over time, developing their own unique character. This is useful because you’ll never mix your blue jeans with someone else’s.

Nudie Jeans, Edwin, A.P.C., Acne Studios and Levi’s are leading designers in the denim industry. Brighton-based Hawksmill Denim Co is also making a name for itself through its sourcing of high-quality indigofabrics from the USA and Japan.

Nudie Jeans, Edwin, A.P.C., Acne Studios and Levi’s are leading designers in the denim industry. Brighton-based Hawksmill Denim Co is also making a name for itself through its sourcing of high quality indigo fabrics from the USA and Japan.

Those on a tighter budget should try the high street: Uniqlo offers selvedge jeans made using fabric sourced from Japan’s esteemed Kaihara Denim Mill; M&S has partnerships with three of the world’s best mills (America’s Cone Denim; Italy’s Candiani Denim mill; and Japan’s Kurabo); while Gap has been producing affordable selvage jeans since the 1990s. Safe to say, this is one wardrobe upgrade that every man should – and can afford – to make.


7 Pieces That Will Upgrade Your Winter wardrobe


I do not know about you, but I always get disappointed when my boots have flimsy soles and they do not withstand the cold season. The soles of a boot determine how well it can protect your feet from the winter elements.

Unlike the Blake stitching method favoured for formal footwear, a Goodyear-welted design has a thin, cork-filled cavity between the outer and inner soles, which provides more flexibility.

No need to worry about winter’s worst with our expert protection against snow, slush, and the hours-long Christmas shopping marathons.

Goodyear-welting is an expensive construction, but it has a huge upside. Because of its durability, you can get your boots repaired with little to no effort by the family cobbler.

Even though they are, at their core, a functional style of shoe. You’ll find plenty of Goodyear-welted options that also look great this season. If you’re looking for something stylish but still professional. It may be worth investing in a pair of brogues from a traditional British shoemaker such as Church’s.

For something more rugged. Check out our collection of work or hiking boots from tough brands like Red Wing, Fracap, and Yuketen.


In terms of durability and quality, a wool overcoat is far more cost-effective than cheap jackets.

Coats crafted from wool – generally speaking – keep out the cold better than lower-quality options you’ll often find in fast fashion stores.

A key component of any wardrobe, this is a piece that will be worn consistently for four months every year. It’s worth investing in because it will last a long time.

However, most pure wool pieces start at around £300 and can reach over £1000. Quality matters because you don’t want to spend that much only to realise you don’t wear your purchase as often as you thought.

This means steering clear of designs that lack staying power and/or are hard to match with your existing wardrobe – bold colours, statement prints or unusual cuts – and prioritising classic single-breasted overcoats in camel/brown, navy, grey or black that finish somewhere between mid-thigh and an inch above the knee.

There are many options on the market with quality varying. A beautiful, 1805 founded Crombie is a leading outerwear designer. You’ll be hard-pushed to find anything that trumps its signature Crombie coat (be sure to take a look). When it comes to quality, Paul Smith and Suitsupply rank highly among men’s fashion

I have some great tips on finding clothes that are high in quality, custom-tailored, and affordable. Check out Uniqlo, Charles Tyrwhitt, and M&S.

You’re not going to know how an overcoat feels like until you try it on in person, so we recommend buying them offline.


Second only to an overcoat, a chunky knit is your second line of defence against sinking temperatures. And while cashmere might not strike you as the butchest of winter-ready materials, it packs surprising clout.

Known primarily for its luxuriously soft hand feel and lustrous appearance, cashmere is plucked from the neck region of Cashmere goats – a lengthy, painstaking process which ensures the fabric is priced at a premium. Yet high-quality cashmere can be up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, so it’s safe to say it does more than just look pretty.

That said, this fine fibre’s delicate weight can benefit from some added bulk, so shops with 100% cashmere ribbed, cable knit or waffle knit sweaters that give your outfit more substance. All the salt-of-the-earth swag of a fisherman without the scratchy feeling of old wool.

The best examples are arguably produced by British heritage brands like N.Peal, John Smedley, Brora, William Lockie and Johnstons of Elgin, but you will pay for their expertise, with prices starting from £250. Fortunately, the high street now offers a wealth of lower-priced alternatives, with H&M and Uniqlo in particular crafting 100 per cent cashmere sweaters from as little as £80. The definition of affordable luxury.



We’re all different so why not wear something that reflects that? If your style doesn’t involve wearing overcoats then it’s pointless to invest in one, go with something else instead.

A classic leather jacket – biker or bomber. In dark brown or black – is a versatile alternative to a long-length winter coat. Teaming just as easily with a button-down and jumper combo. As a worn-out band tee. Bomber styles work best if you want leather’s sturdiness without its punk edge. While a biker packs enough renegade attitude to spark new life into your go-to cold-weather looks.

It goes without saying that expensive leather doesn’t mean it’s also of high quality. But you can avoid spending a fortune while still getting a good product if you know what to look for.

Branded clothes are some of the most expensive items in the fashion world, which is why it’s important to find affordable options like British brands AllSaints and Reiss. They have styles starting from £500, with Schott NYC and Belstaff also offering costly clothing that’s been built on years of experience.



Dubbed nature’s performance fabric, merino wool – taken from a breed of sheep native to Portugal – gives some of the most sophisticated synthetic materials a run for their money.

Odour-resistant, stain-resistant and breathable, merino also helps regulate temperature, wicking away sweat when you’re burning up and keeping you cosy when the air begins to nip. What’s more, unlike cashmere, you don’t need to spend a flock load to get your mitts on some.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress well. BRITISH MERINO roll necks are versatile and comfortable and equally at home in city or country, while the other British brands we carry feature detailed designs and premium options for a more luxurious look.

When it comes to choosing your shirt color, stick to grey, navy or a vibrant shade of camel, burgundy or forest green for ultimate versatility. You can also try branching out from neutrals like greys and blues with these shades.

Merino wool is a great material for smart-casual layering due to its thickness and high breathability. Team it with a leather jacket here for a night out, or during the working week under your shirt/tie


Winter for British people usually means Christmas, which means lots of parties. Whether you’re toasting with your friends or blue-chip clients. A suit that fits well will make you look stylish and polished.

Velvet is a festive option, but its richness and sheen may not be your thing. Consider something subtler and matte instead.

Classic black or midnight blue dinner jackets in cotton or wool work well, especially those featuring a contrast satin shawl or peak lapel.

Then this latter option will serve you best. Is easily styled with a pair of well-cut smart trousers for occasions ranging from black tie balls to your more formal family get-togethers. N M.

John Lewis and Charles Tyrwhitt come up trumps for value-for-money formalwear, but Suitsupply’s superb party season collection makes a case for spending just a little more. For top-tier dinner jackets, you can’t steer wrong with British tailoring stalwarts Dunhill, Gieves & Hawkes, and Hardy Amies.