3 Secret Beauty Rituals That Are Surprisingly Effective.

Makeup is a huge part of what makes us feel good about ourselves and our beauty routine. 

This is a list of 5 effective beauty hacks that are surprisingly easy to execute.

1. Pamper your skin with a moisturizer twice a day

2. Apply eye cream every morning

3. Get a facial once every two weeks

4. Add some color to your hair

5. Use a gentle exfoliant at least once a week

#1: Exfoliate your skin
Exfoliating your skin is the first step to making it appear more radiant and fresh. It removes the dead cells from your skin which helps in making it a glowing canvas for healthy makeup application. 
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#2: Apply a hydrating mask

Hydrating masks are a must-have in anyone’s skincare routine. Hydrating masks are designed to moisturize, repair, and heal damaged skin with essential ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera gel, honey extract, and rosewater that fight dryness and dullness.

#3: Use a primer to minimize the appearance of pores                      
The appearance of pores is an issue many people struggle with on a daily basis. 
This primer will help you minimize these unsightly features.

Primers are a must for those who want to start the first step of a beauty regimen. 
They function as makeup-in-a-bottle and should be applied to the skin before foundation 
and other products.

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