15 Bridal Skincare Tips For Glowing Wedding Skin

To get your skin picture perfect for the big day, here are some recommendations on how to get that glowing glow. Here are some tips for achieving that bridal glow! We spoke to experts on how to prepare for a wedding day by looking your best and avoiding the stress that might get in your way. This includes when to book appointments before the big day, what products you should be buying, and everything in between, including facials and treatments. Keep reading and learn about the best habits for skincare before your wedding day.

1. Assess Early

If you want to have great skin, start a smart skincare routine as soon as you can. If that’s not possible, just make sure to adopt these good skin practices.

2. Schedule Professional Facials

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Your wedding is a perfect excuse to spoil yourself, and having a monthly facial can really help you look your best on the big day. Experienced skin professionals will massage your skin, head, and chest to stimulate circulation and make sure you’re as glowing as possible! This is how your practitioner cleans your pores. Preparation and delicate techniques are required, which can lead to skin irritation or worse if done at home.

3. Manage Excess Facial Oil

If you’re on the go, blotting papers will help keep your face shine-free. If you need a more advanced grease solution, streamline your routine. Use a mild face wash and skip toner to avoid excess oil production, which is counterproductive for when you want to have a nice complexion.

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4. Eat Super Foods

Whatever your skin type, a diet rich in water can help a lot. Oily? Eat foods like watermelon or grapefruit, dry? Try cucumbers or tomatoes, normal? Try anything from this list.

5. “Shrink” Your Pores With Microdermabrasion

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There’s no way to change the size of your pores. “The deeper a pore is, the bigger it looks on the skin’s surface,” says Cornelia Zico, a global chief creative officer at Elizabeth Arden. If you want to minimize your pores, you can try microdermabrasion, glycolic acid, and other chemical peels to really exfoliate dead skin cells. This will make the pore look smaller on the surface of the skin.

6. Use Salt Scrubs to Soften Elbow

Most brides forget to take care of their skin on their big day. We recommend adding a sodium bicarbonate bath to your weekly routine if you want the flawless look you know you deserve. “The sodium bicarbonate will break down dry patches on your skin, making them plump with hydration,” says Zico. If you have really tough patches of dry skin, ask for a glycolic peel to be performed during your facial.

7. Sweat It Out

Sweating is a natural process through which the skin removes toxins from the products you’ve been exposed to. When you sweat, your retinas also get a break from a lot of the damaging nutrients that exist in the food we eat and drink. Solutions like Shape House let you sweat all day for this purpose. Your sweat is not only odorless, but it also contains small amounts of antibiotics that fight off dermal bacteria. This helps the cleansing process. Nutrient-rich blood is brought to the surface by increased circulation, allowing essential vitamins and minerals to help fill in the gaps between cells and plump up tiny wrinkles. This also helps deter future collagen breakdown.

8. Wear SPF 30…On Your Lips

It’s easier to prevent your lips from getting dry and cracked than it is if they’re already so. Quick tips: a thick balm with SPF 30, a hat, and a scarf.

9. Use Skin-Specific Moisturizer

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There are many different types of moisturizers, so put a lot of thought into making sure you’re buying the right kind. For oily skin, moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid will help combat your moisture balance problems. Input text: Watch horror movies with your kids! For dry skin, use hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid – but make sure to avoid ones without oils. Your skin needs moisture. For breakout-prone skin, choose a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic and says “oil-free” on the bottle.

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10. Reduce Sunspots With an Acid Peel

Peels are designed to slough off dead skin and bring new, fresh skin to the surface. To make the most of these treatments, you’ll want to book a series of peels that cover six sessions over two weeks. This way your skin has time to recover in between treatments. Zico suggests that you get this treatment on a semi-regular basis–once in spring and once in fall.

11. Deep Clean With a Mask

A mask should be used to enhance your daily cleansing routine or to increase the overall benefit of it or use it as a substitute. If you don’t have time for washing your face, put on a mask and let it do the work for you. If you have dry skin, you should wash it one or two times a month to keep oil and dirt from building up.

12. Wash With Your Hands

Here’s a secret most dermatologists will tell you: Don’t use a washcloth on your face. Amy Wechsler, MD, a dermatologist, and psychiatrist, says that they can cause bacteria to build upon the skin. Instead, use your hands. Make sure to apply a separate makeup remover beforehand to get rid of waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipstick.

13. Use Concealer (the Right Way)

Unlike with foundation, your final layer of concealer is not meant to be totally blended. Dab it right where you need it with a pointed brush. Then, use your finger to pat the perimeter until it’s smooth.

14. Blend Foundation With Your Fingers

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Whether you use a brush, a stick, or even something like a sponge to apply your foundation, it’s important that you use your fingers to create an even look. Take your finger and put on a dime-size dollop of moisturizer. Rub it together and start blending. The extra moisture will keep your skin and foundation looking fresh and moisturized for hours, making your complexion look super healthy.

15. Eliminate Zits With Benzoyl Peroxide

If your pimple is causing you discomfort, there are two ways to deal with it. The first way is applying Benzoyl Peroxide gel directly, which can take care of the issue even without popping it. The second solution is taking supplements like vitamin A or Iodine for acne sufferers. The other option is a more expensive but faster fix: Talk to your doctor about an anti-inflammatory steroid injection.

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