12 Essential Hair Care Tips for Teenagers.

Hair is important to adolescents because it enables them to be themselves and gain the confidence they need from their peers. But, as puberty heats up and 
hormones surge, they can make your hair a more difficult task to deal with.

There are ways to take good care of your hair and style it. Consider making positive changes in your habits and those of others.

Here are 12 simple and essential tips to adopt:
1. It’s important to keep a healthy length of hair. People can get rid of split ends without even knowing, so it’s best to avoid that entirely. Begin trimming at least every six weeks or shorter.

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2. Olive oil is usually used for skin and hair, as well as moisturizing, so applying it to your fingertips before hopping into the shower will help.

3. Drinking too much hot water in the shower can irritate your skin and weaken your hair. It also causes some people to suffer from scalp itchiness.

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4. Some hair care products can be a bit harsh on your hair, so it’s important to use 
gentle ones. Check the ingredients list to avoid heavy chemicals and instead select
products with natural ingredients.

5. Avoid styling tools that have a negative impact on your hair and instead use a
hairdryer with less than 1200W.

6. Protect your hair with a swim cap to shield it from the sun, salt, or chlorine in the
pool! It may seem ridiculous at first, but this is pretty useful because you don’t have
to worry about frizzing your hair.

7. Limit styling treatments like bleaching, dyeing, weaving, and straightening to twice a year. When your hair starts to get too damaged and unmanageable, you
might want to consider limiting the styling treatments that you do. This will help
keep your hair healthy and strong so it can grow in a healthier way.

8. Prevent dandruff by taking action early. The scalp skin is slightly acidic, which protects against bacteria. Shampoos with a neutral pH can neutralize this acidity and keep it from growing. A professional would be the best person to choose the right one for you. After the cleansing process, try cutting out tangles with a rich lather of shampoo and conditioner.

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9. Massaging your scalp can make the problem worse. In fact, washing your hair daily can make it worse. That’s vital to choose a good shampoo that doesn’t make your head itchy or flat out damage it by drying it out; that’s at least as 
important as buying one without sulfates.

10. Avoid using too many products on the scalp as it can cause build-up. The scalp is a delicate area that can get irritated easily if a person uses too many products. The best way to avoid hair product build-up is to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

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11. Use a comb with rounded ends or a soft brush. And you should think about cleaning your tools frequently as well. Keeping a comb and brush clean is the best way to ensure that they’ll last for a long time. If you’re using one of these tools on your hair, make sure to use a comb with rounded ends or a soft brush. And you should think about cleaning your tools frequently as well.

12. Cut sugar and fat in your diet to reduce the risk of chronic disease. A diet high in these two macronutrients will not recommend.

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